Terms of Service

Last updated: 9th of April, 2024


We strive to make our services a friendly and safe place for all visitors. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the terms of service of our services and the donation regulations.


The terms we use here are as follows:

  • When we use the terms „we”, „us”, or „our”, we refer to the DeoLink Association and entities acting on its behalf.
  • Our services, Websites, Services: websites, applications, services administered by us, and under our control. You can find a list of our services in Appendix 1 to these regulations.
  • Users: individuals who use our services, applications, and services in any way, account holders, including E-trainers, subscribers, or visitors.
  • Events: conferences, camps, meetings, concerts, workshops, or training sessions organized by us and other events related to our activities.


Privacy protection


You have the right to visit and use parts of our services without disclosing information about yourself. However, it may be necessary to create an account to access certain content, applications, pages, or services while using the services. By completing the registration form, you agree to create an account and comply with the rules of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Our priority is to protect the rights of Users who have provided us with their personal data. We value your trust, which is why we have created a separate document describing the processes related to our processing of your data. We invite you to read our Privacy Policy.


Content of the services


The content of our services is protected by copyright. Copying publications presented on the website for commercial or non-private purposes, distribution, adaptation requires our written consent. We are not responsible for the use of the content of our services contrary to their intended purpose.

Our services may contain links to other websites operated by other organizations, sponsors, content providers, or advertisers. By clicking on a link or button activating an external website, you will be directed to pages that we do not control, and therefore our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy do not apply to them. Our services may also use external services to present content (such as videos or surveys). We are not responsible for their temporary unavailability or displayed content (such as suggested movies after watching a clip selected by us).

As you can actively contribute to the content of our services, conduct conversations and interactions with other Users, we require you to comply with this Terms of Service, legal regulations, principles of social coexistence, Internet customs (netiquette), and good manners. We expect our Users, in particular, to:

  • refrain from actions that may hinder or disrupt the functioning of the services, especially those that may hinder the use of the services by other Users;
  • refrain from actions that may violate the privacy of other Users, especially collecting, processing, and disseminating information about other Users without their explicit consent, as well as refraining from violating the confidentiality of correspondence;
  • not use our Services – directly or indirectly – to send unsolicited commercial information/spam;
  • refrain from actions that may damage our reputation and the entities cooperating with us;
  • not impersonate other individuals.

Our rights


We will make every effort to ensure the proper functioning and availability of the Services 24/7; however, we do not accept any responsibility for any damages resulting from the improper functioning of the Services for technical reasons.

We reserve the right to:

  • change the parameters of User accounts;
  • change the utility features and capabilities of the services, in particular the scope and type of services and functionalities;
  • periodically disable the services without prior notice, especially related to its modification;
  • delete, for valid reasons, all content from the servers of the Services or completely terminate the provision of services, after prior notification of Users on the Services pages;
  • cease to provide services within the Services or delete a User account for valid reasons, especially for violating the provisions of the Terms of Service.


Our liability


Subject to the provisions of this Terms of Service excluding it, our liability, regardless of its legal basis, is limited to cases of causing damage due to our intentional fault and to the amount of the incurred damage, excluding lost profits.

Regardless of the other provisions of the this Terms of Service, we are not liable for:

  • the form and content, especially the correctness of the content and materials placed in the Services by our Users;
  • any consequences of using content or materials obtained through the Services by Users or other persons;
  • the proper functioning of the tools placed in the Services, especially for any benefits lost by Users due to their improper operation;
  • the loss of any data placed by Users in the Services or transmitted to other Users through them, especially the loss caused by external factors;
  • the correctness of the data made available by Users to other Users, as well as the way they are used by other Users;
  • third-party access to a set of data made available by Users as a result of their deletion or bypassing of the security measures for the above data.
  • the consequences of installing applications downloaded through the Services by Users;
  • unlawful or licensed use of applications downloaded by Users through the Services.


Participation in events


We are involved in organizing many events taking place throughout Poland. We make every effort to inform about them in a clear and understandable manner and to enable a convenient registration process. Also, during events, we strive to provide a pleasant and courteous atmosphere. Therefore, we require all event participants to adhere to the same, in particular:

  • refrain from actions that may hinder or disrupt the functioning of the event, especially those that may hinder the use of the event by other participants;
  • refrain from actions that may violate the privacy of other participants, especially collecting, processing, and disseminating information about other participants without their explicit consent;
  • refrain from actions that may damage our reputation and the entities cooperating with us;
  • comply with legal regulations, principles of social coexistence, and good manners;
  • comply with all specific rules or regulations specified for a given event;
  • prohibition of consuming alcohol and possessing and using any intoxicants and narcotics.

Any events and incidents violating these provisions may be grounds for removal from the event venue, without compensation and reimbursement of costs related to participation in the event.


Changes to the Terms of Service


We reserve the right to make changes or additions to this Terms of Service. Any such changes will be published on the www.deolink.org page; therefore, we recommend regular visits to our website and monitoring the news regarding the rules of using our services by all our Users.


Thank you for reviewing our Terms of Service.


Have a great day!

The Deolink Team