Digital Evangelism

Connecting millions to Jesus and walking with them along their life journey.

Why digital?

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8 out of 10 people in the world own a mobile phone

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66% of people in the world use Internet

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50% of people in the world use Social Media 2,5 hours a day

How the model works

Since 2008 we’ve been in partnership with with their 4-phased approach: Access, Know, Grow, Share. We implement this approach within our Gele platform, inviting seekers to begin their spiritual journey to Jesus.

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Gele tools for each phase


Meet people and their needs

Icon Self-led online courses
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Icon Landing pages

Present and explain the Gospel

Icon Online courses with Coaches/Mentors
Icon Testimonials
Icon Articles
Icon Videos

Encourage people to follow Jesus daily

Icon Online courses with Coaches/Mentors
Icon Small groups online meetings
Icon Open online meetings
Icon Daily devotionals
Icon Connection to local church/small group

Equip people for ministry and multiplication

Icon Training courses for multiplication
Icon Active ministry as a Coach/Mentor/Group leader
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What's important



We recognize that evangelism and discipleship is not a one time event — it’s a journey. We should stop thinking about online evangelism as a quick social media campaign to bring more people into our churches. It’s not that at all. Online evangelism is a serious commitment to walk alongside seekers right where they are and to help them make the next steps to Jesus. It can take weeks, months or even years.



We believe that relationships are a key factor that have a long term impact. We use AI, but it plays only a supporting role. Great content helps to set the context and direction, but it should be used as a start for deeper conversations with real people and the opportunities to show love and care. That’s why we’re committed to invest our time and resources to build up a team of passionate Christians who are willing to be sent on a mission. They will not travel to other countries, but they will engage daily with people online. We call them Coaches — not preachers or teachers — but someone that will help you make the next step in the right direction.



Systems are important. It is vital to make sure that you are providing seekers with a safe environment and a good user-experience where they will be willing to open up and have meaningful conversations with Coaches. We recommend owning the data and not building your ministry using third-party services that are known for censoring. This way you can evaluate the results of your ministry to optimize your strategy, processes, content and training.


Gele Platform

Digital evangelism has been at the core of our ministry since 2008. As we grew, we soon learned there were no effective software tools that existed to help us manage the opportunity and our ministry’s needs, so we developed a software tool called Gele, known also as CODEX. Now many Christian ministries like, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and Community Bible Studies are also using Gele to reach thousands of people. And it’s ready to be used as a white-label tool for your ministry too.

Learn more how we can collaborate together


Everything you need to know about how to develop this system for your organization, you can find here. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.


How effective is digital evangelism and discipleship?

By using our digital model, we can enable Christians to have direct spiritual conversations with seekers—every day, 365 days a year.

You can measure the effectiveness according to your goals and the results can vary. Even though the percentage of people that move into deeper engagement is not high, when you begin with thousands of touches every day, there are a lot of people that are meaningfully impacted.

In reality we see a 25% completion rate of our online courses. Every day there are thousands of messages sent from our e-coaches to participants. We’ve seen thousands of people saved and discipled using our model.


How long does it take to implement?

For a larger organization that is beginning an online strategy it usually takes around one year to implement the model. If your organization is already active with online outreach it could be launched much faster; for example, the quickest launch we have completed was achieved in 2 months.


How many people are required?

The model works best if there are a dedicated group of volunteers that serve as online e-coaches (from 5 to 500) that are supported by a full-time staff that provides the vision, marketing, content, training and volunteer care.


What about data protection laws and regulations?

The system is designed with data security in mind. As a partner you have complete ownership of your data. Conversations about worldviews and faith are considered „special category data” under European data protection laws and require higher protection standards. We are based in Europe and our systems comply with these regulations.


Do we need a new platform? Maybe it's easier to just add some course modules to our existing website?

You can do that, but you will quickly realize that you will need to add more modules to build in communication with volunteers, analyze the effectiveness of the courses, manage your growing list of users, and to assign senior e-coaches. This will be just the tip of the iceberg of the things you will need. If software development isn’t one of your core competencies, we recommend utilizing a proven solution provider.


How can we get started?

We’re always taking an individual approach to estimate the costs. We consider factors like the size of the platform, number of languages, traffic, number of users etc. We’re mission driven, so we don’t want the money to be an obstacle for great things to happen. Contact us for more details.

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