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August 2022 Update

Henryk Król Co-Founder, President DeoLink

Warm greetings! Now writing from our vacations, where, together with my Bogusia and daughter Paulina we are enjoying some peace after quite a busy time in July.

I have just returned from a short trip to the USA, where I had a joy and privilege of meeting in California dear, long term Friends, for whom we are praying regularly mainly in the area of health. I am also mentioning them often in my prayer list of this newsletter – wonderful people who have deeply influenced my life – Roland Hinz, Phill Butler and Mike MacIntosh, our friendship lasts in some cases for 39, 40 or 23 years…

With Roland Hinz and his family

With Phil Butler

With Mike MacIntosh

Deep friendship over many circumstances, based on Christ love and openness in serving Him wholeheartedly. I was on the receiving side… Mentoring me, sharing best contacts, resources and know-how… It was a wonderful reunion, that moved me deeply.. So encouraging to see their steadfast walk with the Lord, in spite of challenges of health…

With Keith Sparzak

Then I went to Colorado and met with Keith Sparzak and his wife Suzie. Again, a great reunion! Keith is one of the leaders of Community Bible Studies (CBS) and, by Lord’s grace – observe a massive growth of this major, international ministry active in 120 languages and reaching literally millions of people! We were talking about possible close cooperation, as our in-house built mentoring/discipling software package seems to meet their needs in this ever changing communications challenge. We would be thrilled to serve them! We had wonderful conversations and again – receiving great hospitality! What a blessing!

Christian Economic Forum in Bever Creek, Colorado.

Interview with John and Jenny Handelsman

With John and Bill (with family) who are involved in our Polish activities and New Europe Commnications.

Reunion with Nick Vujicic

Then I went to a Christian Economic Forum, held in the Rocky Mountains in Beaver Creek.  This was my first meeting with this group of major leaders of the World who are committed to Jesus in their major business work on the global scale. Very new experience for me, incredible encouragement and – learning to dream big – even when I think about the future of our ministry – be courageous  and grow,  in a sensible way our efforts as a Christ-centered ministry, as “the fields are white”. I met so many new people there, all humble, open to share, knowable, in a major industries, some of them employing over 100.000 people on multiple continents… Totally new experience for me, stimulating and very positive!

Back in Poland, on the way from the airport to Wisla our 15 year old Highlander with 420.000 km got broken and we had to transport it on truck to the service station… the second time, already… But the weather was great, Bogusia came to pick us up and all ended well… Today we are to get it back with a new radiator. Thank you, Lord!

Live dashboards of our ministry tools. We see big growth this year!

The ”regular” work is done all the time, actually just a few days ago we had a record daily number of new people joining our discipleship platform – 118! Thank you, Lord! Due to a massive promotion – more and more Ukrainians are responding, what is wonderful – our Ukrainian team is both training new e-coaches and responding to hundreds of conversations. We have 3,5 thousands of visits a day on a course platforms! Also daily reading materials are getting more subscribers – it is such a blessing to start a day with the Word of God!

Our “creative” team is working hard on preparing our August 26 – 28 conference. We pray all the time for this annual event, as it is so important to receive from the Lord next directions and reinforcement. As I wrote before – we have received rights to “The Chosen” film series for Poland and pray for a massive, consolidated outreach, using this attractive material to reach non-religious people, in cooperation with many other evangelistic ministries in Poland.

People in Ukraine still receive help that we help to organize.

Yes, Friends, we would be very thankful if you would join us in prayer for all those matters. We treasure so much your friendship!
God bless you!


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Prayer Praise & Requests

July answered prayers:

  • Record numbers of new people signing to digital discipleship platform
  • Time of rest to rethink and plan the future
  • New opportunities open for service – The Chosen project. Many answered prayers!
  • Great blessing of the Ukrainian projects
  • Financial help, both for Ukrainian and Polish/English projects received. Thank you, Lord

Friends, please pray

  • Special blessing for the August 26-28 annual conference,  so that every individual would be strengthened and encouraged for the next season
  • Spirit of cooperation and partnership around The Chosen project, as we invite number of organizations to cooperate closely: Alpha Poland, Evangelical Poland, Rafael, churches, Revival movements, etc.
  • Guidance with the huge Community Bible Studies project
  • New courses, that are in a pipeline on our course platforms: in Polish, English and Ukrainian
  • Many more workers to help with the harvest that is huge!
  • Wisdom from the Lord to know, how to grow in the future
  • Resources to keep the work going
  • Strength from the Lord for dear friends: Roland Hinz, Phil Butler, Mike MacIntosh

June 2022 in numbers:

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people starting their journey to Jesus


people growing in their faith


conversations with E-coaches

Some testimonials from „Nadiya” – ukrainian language platform:

  • I realized that now that I am scared, I must rely on the Lord Almighty in everything. And also – to read the Bible.
  • Great course. Aroused interest in reading the Bible
  • I want to show love to the Russians and pray for them.
  • The course helped me realize that I am not alone and can trust God through Jesus Christ. Praise be to God
  • I liked the course very much,very instructive there is something to think about.I got a lot of answers to my questions. I would never have thought that online courses could provide so much knowledge. And for mentor Irinka thank you very much that helps a lot
  • I understood and became convinced that God does exist
  • The course is very good, I gave my life to the Lord, I understood the meaning in my life, thank you and the Lord God very much.