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December 2022 Update

Henryk Król Co-Founder, President DeoLink

Jesus came to this Earth to initiate His invisible Kingdom. Now we are His citizens and want to fulfill lead of our King. May this Christmas time be an opportunity to revalue our lives and recomit even more to Him. This is an ultimate happiness. Yours very thankful Henryk with a team

Dear Friends,

What a year we have! Even though I thought that we shall slow down a little bit at the end of this busy 2022 – it has not happened! We do not have the final numbers for 2022, but it is already the record year in our 40+ year history! The totally unexpected event – war in Ukraine with over 8 million citizens relocating via Poland (with ca. 1.5 million newcomers staying in our country) – opened an enormous opportunity to show Christ’s love but also explain His meaning to many, literally, hundreds of thousands… And they have a big hunger for spiritual matters, because who but God could help them in such challenging times.

As you already know, we have employed 5 Ukrainian leaders and they are organizing lots of initiatives for their fellow folks both in Poland and in Ukraine. This week we organize a special “Dinner for Ukrainian Ladies” in a nice hotel  – to reach a number of non-believing people, express love and invite them to fellowship with Jesus in churches.

Our digital Ukrainian discipleship platform is growing constantly – there are now some 5,500 students that registered to come closer to God. New courses are produced all the time, keeping many people busy. We still pray for more Ukrainian e-coaches who would connect with the seekers.

The English language, “Grow your life” discipleship platform is also developing. An international conference for the involved people is planned to happen in Belgium in 2023, a spontaneous initiative of its leaders. Praise the Lord!

Filming short video clips for The Chosen social media and ambassador movement.

Our main outreach focus in Poland right now is The Chosen film series. The cinema premiere of season one was organized in 30 cinemas across Poland, rooms were packed. Now we are preparing for a launch of the application with Polish voiceover – to be offered as a “Christmas gift”. DVDs and blue rays are available as well. But the big dream is to have it on the Polish State Television, TVP. As I mentioned last month, the negotiations are in full swing – please pray they will maintain their interest and accept our non-negotiable border conditions, like the lack of exclusivity. We pray that 15 million Poles would be exposed to Christ in this format, which would be the biggest ever evangelistic campaign in our country.

Our christian band „Cześć” had the final concert in our church, as they decided to regroup for practical reasons

There is also good progress with the development of our unique software Mentoring-Discipleship-Management System. Since we have a total of 25 dedicated, gifted people working full time in IT and Creative – yes, there are measurable results of that! But as it is a spiritual warfare, your prayers are really appreciated. Thank you for partnering with us!

In this building we rented one flat us our ministry office in Gdynia, on the baltic sea cost

Adam, Justyna and their two girls, our staff in Gdynia

Our Outback team travelled 1,200 kilometers to Poznań and Gdańsk to start new Outback centers.

Also our other projects continue to grow their impact:

  • “The Bible Project” (translated into Polish) – currently consisting of around 150 episodes that have been watched over 2.5 million times. It proves to be a very informative multimedia material.
  • Similarly, the children cartoons, “Superbook” with Bible stories – from its inception, the sum of views of all episodes exceeds 30 million (!) As you’re reading this, approx. 50 actors are in our studio, involved in dubbing the 5th season of the series.

We also had a good, 5-day-long visit of 3 of our partners from the Netherlands – a good time to plan an even closer cooperation. Yes, we can learn so much from each another!

Yes, Friends, we would be very thankful if you would join us in prayer for all those matters. We treasure your friendship so much!

God bless you!


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November answered prayers:

  •  Continuous growth of the discipleship platforms run by the Polish ministry – four by now! More brands bring more traffic.
  • The Chosen series 1 is already translated into Polish, the premiere in cinemas was very successful, DVDs and blue-ray are in distribution.
  • Great blessing of the Ukrainian projects.
  • Completed stage 6 of The Bible Project episodes
  • Great meeting with The Community Bible Studies team in Poland, who are considering using our software platform for their global use.
  • Very good year, financially, for our ministry
  • Restructuring our radio. One of our 6 transmitters was sold.
  • My (Henryk) health seems to get better. Thank you, Jesus!

Friends, please pray

  • Spirit of cooperation and partnership around The Chosen project, as we invite a number of organizations to be closely involved: Alpha Poland, Evangelical Poland.
  • Signing a good contract with State TVP for The Chosen series.
  • Developing cooperation with US based Gloo! organization.
  • New courses, that are in the pipeline for our e-learning platforms: in Polish, English and Ukrainian.
  • Many more laborers to help with the harvest that is huge!
  • With the end of year season approaching, opening hearts of donors to help us expand the ministry in the future. The new year brings new, substantial needs
  • Physical strength from the Lord for dear friends: Roland Hinz, Phil Butler, Mike MacIntosh, Peter Bye, who are so much a part of our ministry over many years

November 2022 in numbers:

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people starting their journey to Jesus


people growing in their faith


conversations with E-coaches

Share with us what you think about the subject of this course „Why Jesus”. –

  • Christianity is a personal walk and this course really emphasises the effects of Jesus on each student as an individual. The step by step instructions, supported by prayers, are simple yet so powerful.
  • The course was wonderful, the topics were well put together, and you provided a mentor or a guide to provide support which was amazing. Thank God for you guys and God bless you for this mission!
  • I am very grateful for taking the course. It has renewed my knowledge about God’s love and forgiveness manifested in Jesus, HIS SON, my Lord and Saviour. It enlightened me and refreshed my faith in Christ Jesus, my Lord and Saviour. I am blessed having Gloria as my e coach! She is a wonderful coach! I
  • Started the course to know Jesus more and in special way from other peoples’ life and be ready to share in my life time,
  • It was very encouraging and help me to question area of my life