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July 2021 Update

Henryk Król Co-Founder, President DeoLink

Vacation time is here again! I hope all of us will have a chance to have a rest and catch our breath before an excessively active September is upon us.

We need the summer heat to be moderate enough to allow us to continue to work well and wisely, and we pray for our partners and friends in California and northern USA to find ways of coping with the records-breaking temperatures.


Impact of Outback…

June was very busy for us. Two Outback weekends, the first-one for married couples, the second for parent-child pairings, were exceptional. This is confirming the rule, that the latest one is the best one!

At the first weekend a married couple who came shared a recent event in their lives.Their house burned down, a child died in the fire, they suffered third degree burns, the lady’s face has deep, asymmetric scars, their daughter is even more disfigured (can you imagine the trauma?). At Outback they surrendered their lives to the Lord. Both them and the listeners were deeply moved, embracing, some crying as they thanked God for the new beginning of life of hope and the future.

Paulina and the team have led another “long weekend” named “History Makers”, special training for young leaders. It was the second time they have done it this year with another session planned for fall / autumn. Again, inspiring and motivating!

Next steps…

The past is history but still occasionally provides useful information and teaching for the present as we seek to continue to find better ways of connecting with seekers who are ready to engage in conversations with us.

There are millions of people today who are looking for meaning in their lives, a direction to follow, a point of reference. But many are greatly disappointed with the major denominations or religion (as opposed Christianity).

We have a number of new projects that we are eager to launch as soon as financing is available. One of them is an English language discipleship platform called “Grow Your Life”. Also, a cause for thanks and praise, there are already some 20 people, mainly from Europe, who are being trained to become e-coaches.

If you are interested in being involved in this ministry, please contact us at The modern mission works well in Polish, we are praying for funding to enable us to promote it in English.

And the exciting movie filming at JH Ranch, described in the former “Updates”. The first episode is already done and presently in editing. We are still waiting for it to become possible to fly to the States to discuss that strategic opportunity. Face to face speeds up the communication, minimises the misunderstanding.

Family news

We’ve recently celebrated the first birthday of Miriam, Filip & Justyna’s daughter. The event had the added piquancy of remembering that just a month ago her life was in danger when she swallowed a part of a dishwasher tablet.

Friends, we deeply appreciate your Friendship! Together, we may change the World, in the power of Holy Spirit!


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Prayer Praise & Requests

June answered prayers:

  • It seems the coronavirus is greatly slowed down. We also got vaccinated. Thank you, Lord!.
  • The first episode of “Pieces” new Christian series was just filmed. Now, let’s pray that the test episode will be contracted by Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  • Good progress in our discussions with Zach, our new development coach.
  • Growing interest in the “Grow Your Life” English language platform
  • New breath of ideas to use Radio more effectively for the ministry, improving synergy (more effective that a sum of the parts) with our Internet projects
  • Progress in implementation of our Salesforce CRM system, to streamline our growth

Friends, please pray

  • Good rest for the staff and volunteers in this usually slower, vacation season
  • Possibility to travel to the US, when the borders will be open
  • Leading of the Lord as we work on our development plan
  • Better business for our Radio CCM work, businesses starting to advertise again. Many new connections coming to the “intermediate” web page
  • Continuing asking the Lord’s help and mercy for a dear, close friend and mentor of mine, a man God used many times in my life, Phill Butler, who is suffering with cancer. Please, keep on praying.
  • Launching several new functionalities to our digital discipleship platform GELE – new “Church PARTNERING” profile, in a pipeline – full Salesforce synchronization
  • New courses that are in production, to meet current needs of different segments of our audience

Poland, June 2021 in numbers:


people starting their journey to Jesus


people growing in their faith


conversations with E-coaches

What did you experience during the Outback weekend?

  • I saw Jesus working in my life and received a prescription to correct many of the imperfections in my marriage.
  • I realized that the main thing (in my case) is to regain my wife’s trust and to rebuild this relationship.
  • I believed that the best is still ahead of me, although I had already given up hope. God changed me, set me free and I gained trust in Him and people.
  • What I experienced on Outback can be described like this: it was not a renovation of my heart, it was demolition and rebuilding it.
  • Again I felt that God cares about me…
    I was cleared of bad thoughts about my wife and regained my confidence in her.
  • My heart started to beat again.
  • I think that I had a moment of purification, I opened myself to a dialogue with God.