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October 2021 Update

Henryk Król Co-Founder, President DeoLink

Love and greetings in our Lord! September was a great, busy month when a lot of things were happening! Outback weekends, conferences, time for planning and lots of new energy. And our son, Szczepan has joined our staff! Our deepest prayer is that all those activities will turn into lasting fruit, real life changes to the many of our contacts!

Outback weekends.

Again and again, we are touched to see how many people open up for the gospel at Outback weekends, when presented in loving, kind and understandable way! And when they have time to reflect! This is why “outback” – a place of being apart of busy life, all the phones, disruptions… and focusing on the Message, shared in different formats… Number of couples were reconciled, many teenagers expressing for the first time in their life how parents are important for them and how they love them… many moving moments… All worth the massive effort of over a hundred of volunteers involved in setting it up. Now we have two places in Poland where weekends are placed, but we pray for more in the coming years…



Christian TV show on Netflix?

One of the challenges is its scalability. How to interact with more people, in much bigger scale? This is why we are so enthusiastic about the “Pieces” project. We were invited to a major spiritual follow-up project that looks extremely promising as far as connecting with a major group of young people who do not know Jesus Christ. Namely, a Hollywood (Christian) producer, Jaco Booyens is preparing a Netflix tv show titled “Pieces” on youth problems that are somehow answered at a Christian camp (JH Ranch – Outback). Jaco’s former film – “8 Days” on child trafficking had 200 million views on Netflix, so now we expect this could be a similar case. We all know that contemporary culture is moulded by tv shows and games. The idea is – to extend every episode of a film with a direct explanation of how Jesus can answer the issue described, this on our new online platform created for this project by our ministry, already tested over number of years. We would help with creating a technical backbone, training of volunteers, content creation of courses and partnership development, many (!) e-coaches will be needed. During filming of the first episode – 2 young Hollywood actors got saved, they are willing to share their story in “courses” videos (!).The target audience is 15 – 25 year old. Even if 1% would respond, this would require a major effort to take care of all who approach asking for an e-coach. International, major coalition for follow-up is in preparation, with Europe being the initiating coordinator of digital disciple making. Please, pray with us it all will happen! To the glory of our Lord! I believe we may use here also our new English platform, “Grow Your Life”, that the Lord is preparing for something wonderful!


Many more are in the plans!

Several new, great courses were added to our portfolio. On family issues, suicidal thoughts, discipleship in a very practical way. And many more are in the plans! Yes, when Jesus told us to “Go to the World and make disciples” – He did not meant geographical continents (like Arctica) – but – where people are! And today – the majority of World’s population has access to the Internet! Let us utilize this tremendous, cost-effective opportunity in the best possible way, led by His Spirit!


“The Art of Communication” is the first of three courses aimed at married couples. Let’s learn to talk to each other the right way and most problems will be solved immediately, or they will become irrelevant altogether!


“Choose Life” – this is a course for people who are in a life crisis, during which suicidal thoughts often appear.


Friends, we deeply appreciate your Friendship! Together, we may change the World, in the power of Holy Spirit!


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Prayer Praise & Requests

April answered prayers:

  • Fantastic Outback weekends!
  • Our new church building was opened for service! May it become a lighthouse for many!
  • Great energy for a new season of staff and volunteers
  • God’s provision to sustain our ministry.

Friends, please pray

  • Special blessing for a new project, in English, “Grow Your Life”
  • The “Pieces” project, with its enormous potential but also huge challenges
  • Possibility to travel to the US, when the borders open.
  • Financial help, that will enable all this major growth
  • Better business for our Radio CCM work, businesses starting to advertise again. Many new connections coming to the “bridging” web page
  • Continuing asking the Lord’s help and mercy for a dear, close friend and mentor of mine, a man God used many times in my life, Phill Butler, who is suffering with cancer. Please, keep on praying.
  • New courses that are in production, to meet current needs of different segments of our audience.
  • Updates to the technical backbone – new systems, servers, storage
  • Special blessing for our new church building, where we could organize number of training events, not mentioning even congregation activities – a real spiritual awakening in Malinka!

Poland, September 2021 in numbers:


people starting their journey to Jesus


people growing in their faith


conversations with E-coaches

Some testimonials from our new courses.

Course: „The art of communication”

  • “Excellent course. So often we are not aware how simple things can make a difference”.
  • “Even if you think that you are good at communication, listen to Zbyszek and Nela because maybe God has more for you in this area”.
  • “I want to learn a lot from this lecture”.

Course: „Choose Life”

  • “The course does not promise the moon. Without any pomposity or pseudoscientific chatter. The personal story of Adam, the host of the course, helps to see yourself, some analogies and suggests what can help in dealing with suicidal thoughts. It’s worth getting inspired!”
  • “For the first time I met a person who was in such a difficult situation and, thanks to the Lord, got on the right track. I wish this to all who are looking for their meaning in life”.
  • “Very good material!”