Who we are

We are a vibrant, Bible-based, interdenominational ministry that uses innovation and technology for global evangelism and discipleship.


We began sharing the Gospel in Poland in 1975 during the difficult days of communism. Since then, we have been committed to finding the most effective ways to connect and engage people with Jesus and are continually improving our process. Today we are making connections in over 27 languages, collaborating with Kingdom partners to advance our shared vision.

Our Values

Ico Values

Reverence of God

We love God, trust and seek Him in everything we do. We give Him all the glory.

Ico Values

Radical Love

We care deeply for the people we connect with and are committed to their spiritual health and freedom in Jesus Christ.

Ico Values

Faith in Action

We demonstrate our faith by being an example of Jesus Christ as we serve others.

Ico Values

Wise Stewardship

We are wholly committed to stewarding our mission and vision with excellence.

Ico Values

Passionate Dedication

We are grateful, passionate, and committed to connecting people to Jesus Christ.

Ico Values

Innovative Spirit

We are curious and fearless innovators always looking for the most effective ways to serve our kingdom partners and reach people.

Journey of innovation

DEOdecyma is formed; the first (?) Christian music group in Poland, traveling with evangelistic programs.

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Thumbnail timeline

Launched Correspondence Bible Course for people who were touched at our concerts 60 000 pages written on type writers and carbon papers.

Began producing and distributing spoken word and music audio cassettes with Christian content in Poland.

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Opened DEOrecordings, a Professional Music Recording Studio in the mountains of Poland.

Freedom from communism came to Poland, allowing us to expand our ministry, music label and mass distribution of Christian audio cassettes and CDs.

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Thumbnail timeline

Radio CCM FM network of 6 stations is launched in the South of Poland.

Organized evangelistic Festivals of Life, with 50,000 attendees in Wisla.

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Thumbnail timeline

Opened New Europe Communications 501c3 structure in USA.

Established “Looking for God” digital evangelism platform, inspired by Jesus.net.

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Thumbnail timeline

Radio FEST FM station launched.

Introduced JH Outback family ministry to Poland.

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Thumbnail timeline

Developed in-house GELE discipleship digital, software platform.

Became global Jesus.net support center.

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Thumbnail timeline

Added extra office space in Wisla and regional offices in Gliwice and Gdynia.

Three new online ministries : Nadiya.in.ua, DrugiKrok.pl, and GrowYourLife.net, with online courses targeting specific audiences.

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Thumbnail timeline

The Chosen film series translated and distributed in Poland.

Began writing and publishing Polish version of Miracles Every Day.

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Thumbnail timeline

In-depth evaluation and strategic decision to sell our radio stations and full focus on digital innovation with offline fallow up.

Rebranded organization to DeoLink, clarifying our vision, mission and our values.

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The future is now!

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Meet our Board

Henryk Król

Co-Founder, President

Witold Ruszczyński

Vice president

Adam Król

Co-Founder, Secretary

Leszek Czyż


Paulina Król


Krzysztof Jędrzejewski


Adam Wałach


Adam Stepasiuk


Audit committee

Rev. Adam Kleszczyński


Tomasz Wija


Meet our leaders

Henryk Król

Co-Founder, President

Filip Król

COO, Studio DR President & CEO

Szczepan Król


Emilian Kujawski


Norbert Klama

Szukając Boga, Grow Your Life

Andrzej Pilch

Outback Poland

Bogusia Król

A Miracle Every Day Poland

Dariusz Cieślar

Drugi Krok

Adam Balcarek

Drugi Krok

Daniel Pilch

Nadiya (UA)

Oliwer Cieślar

The Chosen Poland

Mateusz Czyż

Recording Studio

Andrzej Pilch


Tymoteusz Cieślar

Creative team

Yuliia Dorofieieva

Social Media

Serhii Dorofieiev



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Our legal status

DeoLink is a not for profit Association registered in the Court in Bielsko Biala, Poland.

Registration number: 0000160777 Statistical Identification: 070569228 TIN: 548-15-80-840

DeoLink offers its services for free, in a business-to-consumer (B-to-C) format. We have a tax exempt status, so donations received from Poland and the European Union are not taxable, within national limits.

We have no paid staff, but unpaid staff members: 200+ e-coaches, 200+ volunteers in other ministries, and now 2,000+ The Chosen ambassadors.

We own a 100% for profit company, Studio DR, Ltd, that shares our mission and vision and delivers professional services for DeoLink and all our partners. Studio DR employs 35 people, and provides mostly B-to-B services that are invoiced. Studio DR has an online store and a software development division.

In the USA we have a 501c3 advisory structure with its own Board, DeoLink US, that offers tax exempt clearance for all donations.