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1. Digital evangelism model implementation

The key to a fruitful online ministry is creating authentic and meaningful experiences for seekers. Over time we have learned there are no shortcuts to success, however, dedication, commitment and team-building efforts do pay off! Accelerate your growth and streamline your workflow with our Digital Discipleship methodology. We offer full training and on-going support in the how-to’s of the technical side (based upon our Gele software), strategies, volunteer management, communications, marketing and content production. Join us in this time-proven approach and let’s create a lasting impact in your ministry field!


2. Gele software licensing

Gele is a SaaS (Software as a Service) web platform developed by DeoLink’s in-house team with the goal of creating a safe space for people to learn more about faith and to make connections with Christians on their way to God.

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3. Ministry representation in Poland

Over the years, we have translated many high quality multimedia resources into Polish and offered them to our extensive network of friends and contacts. In some cases we have represented and actively promoted these programs and they have become a valuable addition to our offering.

4. Join us and help!

If you feel called as a Volunteer, as an Advisor, or as a Supporter, you could be a significant Helper and Partner by donating money, in any format. Our projects are donor-driven as we must have money to continue moving forward. God has blessed us with people in place, plans, and a passion to see it through, all submerged in prayer. We believe it is an excellent investment into God’s Kingdom and we thank you for your support!