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February 2022 Update

Henryk Król Co-Founder, President DeoLink

Life in full swing! We are moving forward with number of ministry projects. Outside is white, a beautiful winter, 40 centimetres of snow, but inside our office where I sit now – is nice and warm… I wish you would sit next to me, over a coffee, so that we could chat a little…

Wonderful fellowship!

A week ago we visited our long term friends in the Netherlands, Rob and Sarine Sieval, whose friendship over 40 years (!) have impacted our lives greatly! We lost the count, but they must have been over 100 times in Poland, first, bringing humanitarian relief, later – as Auditing Committee  members… Now Rob suffers with a Parkinson’s disseise, still, we had a wonderful time together with Jesus’ being uplifted all the time. What a blessing to have such Friends!


The Netherlands green in winter with our dear friend Rob Sieval.


Wonderful fellowship!


Music weekend

Just on the last weekend – we had a premiere of a new album as recorded by our long term artist, Tomek Żoltko, his 14th album we have published over many years. The first “listening of a full record” was on Friday in Krakow, the second – in our church in Wisla. Good music has an incredible impact on lives of people, so we still cultivate our original mission – to use music to bring hope to people. This-one is focused on – not staying indifferent to the world around…


Premiere listening to a new record of our artist Tomek Żółtko.


Still growing

Yes, the ministry has grown significantly over the years, adopting to new opportunities and trends. The perception of people is changing all the time, the picture as told by Jesus – of sheep without a Shepard is more relevant than ever… so we pray all the time for wisdom and best use of tools the Lord has entrusted us communicate the Good News of connecting with God Himself in a personal way. Our vibrant team of creative department and IT – are constantly coming with new films, daily readings, The Bible Project episodes translated into Polish, now working also on the next series of 16 episodes of children’s Superbook… And it seems we are all the time short of people… so much more could/should be done… Please, pray also for our new, English language platform, “Grow your Life”. If you would like to reach others for Christ – we have a system in place to train contemporary e-coaches and then – connect with many individuals interested in discovering God. Please, pray about it – perhaps this would be the next thing for you to do for Christ? Or at least – share the address with others…

Annual report 2021

Last month we were busy writing our 2021 ministry report. If you would like to get one, please, drop us a line… There are so many things to be thankful for…. But we should look forward, towards even better future… In this year, 2022, we plan to add a new path for people who do not look for God but have difficult life and look for some solutions… Yes, the World around changes a lot!

Let’s celebrate together

But time is passing by. We all get older; as mentioned  already last month, in February I am to become 70 (!). On February 27 we plan a birthday party and each-one of you is invited! Yes, you are Friends and prayer partners!

I am so thankful that the Lord has prepared successors who already go forward, so this is a great news, not sad! It is all about His Kingdom!


The future is coming! Our grandchildren.


Pray with us

Several of our very close friends are suffering from various diseases. Please, join us in prayers for Roland Hinz, Phill Butler, Carol Williams and Rob Sieval. They are God’s people who are part of our life and ministry but now are suffering.

Friends, we deeply appreciate your Friendship! Together, we may change the World, in the power of Holy Spirit! The Lord is answering prayers, indeed!


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Prayer Praise & Requests

January answered prayers:

  • “Grow your Life” platform is getting a good traction. Thank you, Lord!
  • New courses, in Polish, on interpersonal relationships in marriages released
  • Great new energy for a new season of staff and volunteers.
  • Great Board meeting of our USA 501c3 structure, New Europe Communications.

Friends, please pray

  • Still no news on obtaining the rights for “The Chosen” film series getting into Poland, pray it will  create a new enthusiasm among believers to invite their non-believing friends to watch it together
  • Also still waiting for the final approval by Netflix Film series, “Pieces” covering some JH Outback teaching, to be accepted and us – involved in doing a massive follow-up to it, as literally millions are to view it! Please, pray it will happen soon!
  • Special blessing for a new project, in English, , “Grow Your Life”.
  • Mobilizing hundreds (thousands, hopefully) of volunteers and training them to become e-coaches to help with the global follow-up to films and programs.
  • Finding a good location for our August 26 – 28, 2022 Conference for e-coaches. The prices of hotels are sky rocketing, and most our coaches have very limited resources…
  • Better business for our Radio CCM work, businesses starting to advertise again. Many new connections coming to the “intermediate” web page
  • Continuing asking the Lord’s help and mercy for our dear friends, Roland Hinz, Phill Butler, Carol Williams an Rob Sieval, who suffer serious illnesses. Please, keep on praying.
  • New courses that are in production, to meet current needs of different segments of our audience.
  • Additional funding in this season of the year, towards our Capital Campaign.

Poland, January 2022 in numbers:


people starting their journey to Jesus


people growing in their faith


conversations with E-coaches

Tell us what you think about the “The art of conversation” course.

  • “It’s just great. I love examples and I learn the most from them. It was very helpful to me. I will be happy to visit you on other courses. Thank you and bless you, dear!”
  • “Very practical, helpful, teaches me how to act so that there is no quarrel, how to control my emotions in a conversation with my spouse, how to be more patient and love more.”
  • “Very contentful, suggestive and helpful, convincing that it’s worth a try and showing you how to do it.”
  • “I liked this course; it showed in theory and practice the problems of mutual marital communication. It showed how to work on a change in this communication.”
  • “Brilliant form of the course. It was a pleasure to listen and to get involved. A clear, legible and edifying message, encouraging me to act.”
  • “The best course I have ever attended.”
  • “I am very, very grateful and thank you from the bottom of my heart. The course exceeded my wildest expectations.”
  • “We took the course together with my husband, it was a pleasant time, we could also raise the topics that we need to improve in our everyday life. Thank you!”