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May 2024 Update

Henryk Król Co-Founder, President DeoLink

Dear Friend

Spring is an excellent time to work and plan. We here in Wisla are working full speed on a number of ministries and projects, described on our new web page, at Yes, mission and outreach are a MUST, if we want to survive in our western culture.  It is not an addition to our church agenda; this MUST be a key focus!

As you are, no doubt, aware, Friends, the World is changing with unprecedented speed. Recent pro-Palestinian unrests at most prestigious universities in USA and in the West, hundreds of white, rich students converting to Islam – made it tangible, that Islam is now openly implementing their plan to conquer the World. What seemed ridiculous a few years ago, is now becoming a reality!

Yes, we Christians are happy to report growth of the Church in Africa and some parts of Asia, but Europe is almost lost! Let’s face reality – The World is under a fierce attack.

Rejecting the existence of TRUTH! Romans 1/21 comes to mind. We witness a fight between Good and evil. Why? Because the choice is only between believing God or believing God’s enemy.

Planing group for next Outbacks

Why do I write all this? I pray, that the Lord will mobilize more and more each one of us, believers in Jesus Christ,  to be proactive in sharing His Gospel. Yes, it is the only way of salvation! Not  mere religion, but a personal relationship with Jesus – the daily “air that we breathe”. Share your testimony with a stranger. Pray for it. Yes, you also may become a coach to people over the Internet, talking with people who really wants to listen! You may support financially. It is a real war and, like in every war, – the supply chain is as important as the front-line troops. It is proven true over and over again in the nearby war in Ukraine.

Prague event – EGCC Summit with Adam Walach, the Founder and Grand Webster, CEF

Seeing this urgency, we want even more to accelerate all our digital efforts. We pray for a ten-fold increase of our reach…  500 million “touches”, 5 million starting their journey to Jesus, 1 million – people growing their faith, 700.000 – walking with other Christians on that journey (Church), 50.000 – engaging in multiplication. How to accomplish that? By helping other organizations doing what they are already doing in their territories. Digital tools that we offer are increasing the outcomes. We work all the time on the best ideas to catch the attention of secular people.

What is our financial goal for international donations for the next 36 months? It is $3 million (!).  Please, pray that this will become a fact.

We have great professional team of 35, some 400 volunteers (Unpaid Team Members), 2.200 The Chosen Ambassadors. We have a plan. Now we pray for money! We pray also for wisdom and God’s blessing.

The Chosen ambassadors came with children coloring book based on The Chosen

at Missional.AI in Orlando with Scott Beck (Gloo) Eric Celerier (ZeWatchers) and our Tadeusz Polok

At Prague EGCC Summit

Benediction of our grandchild, David Krol (King)

And our happy family

In Gdansk, visit with our staff Adam and Justyna

In Gdansk meeting new Outback organizing group

Yes, Friends, we would be very thankful if you joined us in prayer for all those matters. We treasure your friendship!

God bless you!



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Prayer Praise & Requests

April answered prayers:

  • Good outreach of Franklin Graham in Krakow. Over 1.000 people came forward to show their decision to follow Jesus.
  • New DeoLink web page operational. Please, visit
  • Over 17 million views of The Chosen episodes/programs/social media, some coming to our follow-up channel.
  • Many people continue to come to our digital discipleship courses and are served by an army of coaches. Meaningful decisions are taken!
  • Our family book, “Sure Foundation” gets many responses from readers! It tells the story of God’s faithfulness over 5 generations in very turbulent times. If you, Friends, as our special Friend, would like to get a copy (if you do not have one, already), please, write to us at with your street address. We will look for the best way to deliver it to you.
  • Wonderful unity and commitment from our staff and volunteers.
  • Good development of our social media presence with hundreds of thousands impacted.


Friends, please pray

  • God’s guidance in our expansion plans. Wisdom, blessing and involvement of new people added to our team.
  • Developing cooperation with new partners around the globe. Talks with 10 parties.
  • New courses that are in the pipeline for our e-learning platforms
  • Opening hearts of donors and Foundations to help us expand the ministry, also in the context of Ukraine, as the work grows but donations have decreased. Our 36 months need is – $3 million.
  • Physical strength from the Lord for dear friends – Mike MacIntosh, Peter Bye, Rob Sieval –  who have been so much  part of our ministry over many years.
  • New Outback weekends (4!) planned in June 2024
  • Annual conference of our ministry planned for October 9 – 11, 2024. New openings, new people joining!
Current Numbers

April 2024 in numbers:

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people starting their journey to Jesus


people growing in their faith


conversations with E-coaches

Recent Testimonies

A few opinions from people who watched the series The Chosen:

„The best show ever made. It’s hard to describe… but it’s like… the Bible in 3D.”

“This series helped me survive chemotherapy”.

“Look… ordinary people gathered from various social statuses… followed the Lord… And they won… although it was often difficult”.

“Thank you for this fragment. Tears flowed. gave me strength”.

“The Chosen rekindled my faith like a gust of fresh air on a embering fire! I am a huge ambassador of this initiative and I spread The Chosen wherever I can: to my family and friends, you simply can’t keep it to yourself!!! Thank you all and God for what you did!”