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May 2023 Update

Henryk Król Co-Founder, President DeoLink

May has arrived with the beauty of green colors in various shades, in spite of the temperature that is changing, at least in Poland between 0 to +30 °C (freezing to 85 °F).

Together with two couples from our Bible study group, we have recently been in Israel, and have returned filled with new insights and God-given emotions that each such trip brings. Yes, it is Holy Land! Reading God’s Word there makes an even bigger impact, at least on me.

Our happy group in Jerusalem.

A model of Ark of Covenant.

At the JH Israel, part of american ministry (Outback) with it’s leader Eran – planting a vine tree.

We are so thankful for the huge blessing we see in our ministry. Thank you so much for partnering with us, in prayers, with good advice and financially! Without your involvement it would never work! It is our joined effort. Our four year plan (2021 – 2024) has been fulfilled in half the time (yes, in 2022!). Now we want to accelerate it even more, as we see that digital outreach and disciple making really works well. We keep learning and try to be even more effective, (bring more spiritual fruit!) for the glory of God. Our digital tools are being constantly updated, to meet new demands and technological developments. For instance, version 4.0 of our flagship GELE platform should be ready in June this year.

In my long life I have observed many seasons where different approaches were most effective in introducing people to Christ. First – it was our music group, DEOdecyma (ten for God) attracting crowds to concerts, then our recording studio DEOrecordings (recordings for God) with thousands of programs recorded and published on ca. 1 million audio cassettes, then multiple evangelistic events. Later, in 1997 – Radio CCM, a small FM network of 5 stations in Southern Poland. And in 2008 we went deep into Internet outreach, which now seems to be the most effective tool, if accompanied by hundreds of individual e-coaches (online missionaries). All is run under an umbrella of our non-profit DEOrecordings Association. Now we just wonder – as our focus moved so far from recordings of music, should we change our name into something else? Something to reflect the holistic process we are utilizing right now. What do you think?

Outback season has started! Training of volunteers.

Also, we started as a Polish ministry focused on Poland, but as it brings so much visible fruit, we share the platform, methodology and model with more and more partners, on the whole globe. We were never dreaming about it 40 years ago. It is yet another proof that the Lord is performing miracles today. All the glory to Him!
In this context, we want to be open for changes and do what brings the most spiritual result. We prayerfully work on that.

Once ina life time! Michale W. Smith at a concert in Gliwice Arena.

A Czech group that came for training in digital outreach.

The Chosen in Poland

We see a continuous blessing on The Chosen series, recently season two was aired on the Polish State TV Program One, and again we received hundreds of comments from viewers, such as:

“I discovered this series by chance from someone on an instagram account, I got curious with friends sharing scenes from this movie over and over again…however, I procrastinated to check it out. Until I saw the scene with the woman dropping the vessel and the spoken words of Jesus, my heart told me that it was about Mary Magdalene, my favorite biblical character. I began to act then, to look for accessibility, and since I had already had a relationship with God for two years, reading the scriptures, I was very excited about this series. I had one dream in my mind that my husband should also join the series with me. I got brave and asked my husband if he thought about it, as I was getting started with the beautiful series. To my surprise, my husband happily agreed. He had never been interested in such topics before, let alone prayers or church. The husband is a believer but does not go to church, praying rather in his own way, or not at all. He is a very good man, husband, friend and dad. For a long time I have been dreaming that he would at least start talking to me about faith, and the series caused a change in him that is still going on… In the series he fell in love up to his ears, I saw more than once tears on his cheeks. A year ago he buried his Dad so this death also initiated in him a different outlook on various aspects of life. It started with my husband even starting to carry the Gospels at work, simply talking about Jesus over a beer 🙂 and since I was after a healing mass in which the Holy Spirit touched me and I was healed he also had a basis for this, he even talked to an atheist. He repeatedly told his daughter about Jesus or healings in the Bible, as if he read it, and yet he does not read, I was very surprised, I knew that Jesus was already working in him thanks to the series.

Recently including watching and learning about the series the Chosen, extraordinary changes are happening not only in my husband , but also in me. From the first episodes, amazing desires have been awakened in me that I would never have thought of. I felt the need to pray with intercession for people, I began to ask God about it , in response he sent me dreams in which he told me to trust him and give everything to him … in addition, more than once I dreamed that I was praying over someone and healing, for me these are obvious signs that God showed me through dreams, as I woke up, I felt tremendous peace, joy and desire associated with it. God is good and patient, I have turned away from him more than once and in the end I came back with my tail tucked, but I feel that finally permanently. Thanks to my mother who was dying and asked me to get married in church, I can live in sanctifying grace and learn the paths of Jesus, by which he now leads me in the kind of love I have never felt. No love can compare to the love with which He, the only almighty and all-powerful, fills us.

I believe that God has a plan for us because we are a very happy family and in my current situation I am looking for a community to be even closer to Jesus Christ, I have a conviction in my heart that God will also help me to find a job related to religion. I am 46 years old and I am thinking about studying theology to take roots and grow in my faith. God fascinates me so much that I feel like shouting about His love and teaching!”

with greetings

daughter of the King and ambassador of The Chosen
Magdalena O.

A few more testimonials can be found at the end of the e-mail.

Ukrainian programs

Our Ukrainian programs are doing great as well. Even today, we have a Ukrainian chaplain, who was on the ground and in the trenches just a few days ago, recording a course on “God, why are you allowing war?”. Also another course on how to live a life in separation with your husband, staying away from all you loved? There are still over 1.5 million Ukrainians in Poland. Recently we organized a special dinner for women who are staying nearby, with the chaplain giving a talk and answering numerous questions. Many of the women have been responding to the invitation to receive Jesus as their Savior. Thank you, Lord!

Ihor Plahoy – an Ukrainian chaplain who came to Poland to record an online course „God, why are you allowing war?”

A group of Ukrainian children singing in our church

Yes, Andrzej, we would be very thankful if you would join us in prayer for all those matters. We treasure your friendship so much!

God bless you!


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April answered prayers:

  • Continuous growth of the four discipleship platforms run by the Polish ministry. Presently 95 506 people are registered on our discipleship platforms in Polish, Ukrainian and English. Soon we shall reach 100 000 individual lives!
  • The Chosen series 2 is already broadcast on State TV, numerous VOD streams, etc. Hundreds of thousands (millions) have already seen it. Also DVDs are available to all interested. And we want to channel as many as possible to our in-depth follow-up courses.
  • A Belarussian version is completed and played on TV for the Belarussian audience!
  • 10 000 New Testaments in Ukrainian received for distribution! Thank you, Jesus.
  • A wonderful trip to Israel – many new initiatives are under development, also with the people running there the JH Ranch activity – which is another miraculous story. We shall write more about them in due course.
  • Our dear Friend and my mentor, Phill Butler is with the Lord now. What a wonderful legacy he left behind! Thank you, Jesus.

Andrzej, please pray

  • Final touches to newest software platform GELE 4.0, that could be completed in June.
  • Wisdom in knowing if we should change our DEOrecordings brand into DEOlife. Could you, please, share your opinion?
  • Developing cooperation with a US-based organization Gloo!
  • New courses that are in the pipeline for our e-learning platforms: in Polish, English and Ukrainian.
  • Special conference in Brussels, Belgium for e-coaches of our “Grow your Life” platform
  • Many more laborers to help with the harvest that is huge!
  • Opening hearts of donors to help us expand the ministry in the future, also in the context of Ukraine, as the work grows but donations have stopped.
  • Physical strength from the Lord for dear friends: Roland Hinz, Mike MacIntosh, Peter Bye, also Nina and Rhonda who have been so much a part of our ministry over many years.

April 2023 in numbers:

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people starting their journey to Jesus


people growing in their faith


conversations with E-coaches

More testimonials after watching the series The Chosen

  • Beautifully thank you. Too bad my favorite Peter is gone 😍 but Jesus and Mati are enough for me. I will honestly say that at Mass while listening to the gospel I always „see” the characters of the series. And a lot this series has helped me understand and changed my perspective on many things.
    Much joy and blessings to you ♥️🔥
    Ewa P.
  • Dear all, My testimony is not special or spectacular. The series „The Chosen” contributed in me to the fact that I am hungry for the Bible. that I pray more with psalms, that I became friends with the Apostles (with the Lord Jesus I was already in friendship).I learned about the series from the „Gość Niedzielny” in the late autumn of 2021. I found it, installed the app and started watching „The Chosen” with the beginning of Advent 2021 – one episode a day to prepare spiritually for Christmas. The first two seasons were engaging and fascinating: getting to know the characters, comparing the events and characters in the series with Scripture, getting closer and closer to the Apostles (the communion of saints!). During the year I returned to the episodes several more times, and in between I promoted the series to relatives-and acquaintances. „Come and see” 🙂When the episodes of the third season began to be released in the winter of 2022, they hit me. Each episode was a powerful lesson, each requiring me to reach for the Gospels (and the psalms), to reflect, to work on myself. It’s a good thing I watched the episodes once a week when they came out, because I had a few days to experience what happened; I didn’t run through the series at a speed.To complete the series I have the book „40 Days with Jesus. Part 1”. 40 days of fasting, 40 days with Jesus and the Bible. Working with these materials was demanding, but rewarding. Well, you have to stand in the truth (or even in the Truth), take an honest look at yourself and start changing your life. Fortunately, all with the knowledge that I am not alone in this.This year’s Paschal Triduum and Easter gained a new dimension precisely because of this deeper preparation.With greetings
    Joanna K.