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November 2017 Update

Henryk Król Co-Founder, President DeoLink

Warm greetings from Wisla! Our life moves a little slower than in recent months. After such a busy year so far, we have been able to slow down a little, Bogusia and I even managed to have a brief vacation at the end of October. But it was only possible because of the people in our team taking on extra work; and we are back to (what we call!) normal.

First, our heartfelt thanks to all of you who prayed for our first granddaughter, Heidi, who was born some seven weeks ago with four serious heart defects and had immediate surgery that lasted 11 hours. The great news is that she is at home now with her parents in Salzburg and recovering beautifully, the last tubes having been removed from her body three days ago. At one point she had about 60 cables/tubes/signal networks connected to her. We do not take it for granted – we attribute it to Jesus answering all the prayers! Hallelujah! And we are so thankful to all the top, professional doctors who showed so much ability and empathy!


Our granddaughter finally home!


‘Life Explored’ launch

Lots of other good things happening! Just last weekend – we launched a new home group study/discussion package, translated from English, named “Life Explored”. Crag Dryer, responsible for training small group leaders at CE came from Scotland to help us train the first 50 leaders on how to effect its implementation. It comes from the “Christianity Explored” portfolio that we have been able to share in Poland with some 1,000 different groups during recent years. The new program is targeted at postmodern people who reject any “law” and do not see any sin as a transgression. We are very excited to use this program and see if it connects better with the contemporary crowd!


Teaser for the Life Explored program


‘Life Explored’ – new evangelistic program for small groups launched in Poland


A miracle every day

We are also using the “Miracle every day” readings. The number of subscribers is growing every day, (now exceeding now 1,700), and some 60 testimonials have been received from readers, very encouraging indeed. Some of their correspondence is attached. Thank you, Lord.

Software development

The implementation of our flagship software package, Gele 3.0 (CODEX), is also progressing, with the first 2 language platforms already in tests; Filip is writing the manual for it.
Another excellent new software package is in the pipeline, (called “Connected Giving”) designed to help donors in determining what projects merit their support.



Some good music!

The recording studio was fully booked for over a month, always a good sign, also several new filmed testimonials were added and music video clip for one of our Artists – Praise Trio


Latest video clip for our artist “Praise Trio”



I apology for not presenting this month’s promised pictures from the new Radio studios in Gliwice – we had a cash flow problem and some of the furniture has not yet been purchased and we did not want to show empty rooms! But the studios work flawlessly, the work is moving forward and Krzysztof is very happy. I hope to present the photo gallery next month.

Thank You

Thank you, Friend, for being with us all the time, watching God using our small efforts to influence others. And thank you, too, for all your prayers and involvement. You are a significant part of all we do. Keep on, dear friend!

Yours very thankfully,

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Prayer Praise & Requests

October answered prayers:

  • Little Heidi’s health seems to be stable and she is beautifully recovering!
  • New program, Life Explored, launched last weekend
  • Our new office in Wisla works very well for us, we are so thankful to the Lord!
  • The implementation process of Codex by Gele 3.0, e-moves forward.

Friends, please pray

  • Continued recovery for little Heidi.
  • A new production from Paul Trip, (an American marriage counselor) of films for married couples. We have some serious problems getting the licensing rights.
  • New episodes of the Superbook children’s TV bible stories to be translated into Polish. Contract still not signed.
  • A satisfactory contract for the distribution of Superbook video DVDs in Poland
  • Many more e-coaches needed, as the work continues to grow.
  • Help in training e-coaches for Isik Abla ministry in the USA.
  • Writing our book (an extensive family history), that if will bring glory to Jesus and inspire many believers. (It is now becoming one of my priorities.) We pray also for finding the very best editor for this book, in the US or England.
  • projects in Hungary and Romania where we want to assist, as much as we can.
  • More financial resources to keep the work growing. There is a wonderful momentum but “fuel” is needed to keep things moving forward! Please, pray for it with us. The financial pressure is getting onerous.

October 2017 in numbers:


people starting their journey to Jesus


people growing in their faith


conversations with E-coaches

Messages from “A miracle every day” subscribers

  • Thanks to „The Miracle Every Day” I gave my live to God. His words, spoken to me through „The Miracle Every Day” are always relevant to my live situation. He pulled me away from evil and drew me to Himself. He cleansed me, I feel it strongly.
    Thanks to all of you, who are preaching the gospel of God’s Kingdom to others.
    I thank all of you, who are the light for this world in God’s name.
    I thank you, my friends, friends of my Lord Jesus Christ, brothers and sisters. May God bless you and guide you in the Holy Spirit at every moment of live.
  • Impatiently I await „The Miracle Every Day”. Each morning I receive those emails and read them with an open heart. They truly strengthen my spirit and morals!
    All glory to the Lord!
  • From the depth of my heart I thank you for the miracle every day. The content is really heartening. When I read it, I’m aware I’m important to God, that He loves me and desires good for me, despite my sins.
    I thank all, who support this work.
    May God be gracious to you.
  • Thanks to „The miracle every day” I feel that my intimate and personal relationship with God is strengthened. The way you formulate the content is authentic, trustworthy, calming, setting an azimuth for every day, without unnecessary exaltation. It’s wonderful to start each day with God and being strengthened in an authentic friendship with Jesus. For this candidness, trust and daily bridge I would like to thank you from the depth of my heart. I’m also sending your contact details to others, as it’s worth it.
    Thank you for your time, involvement and money that you put into this project – because of that people get a chance to build a true relationship with God. It’s an immense contribution to others’ lives.
    Thank You!
  • „The miracle every day” allow us to stop in our activities and chaotic thoughts. It’s a good reminder that there’s meaning to our lives; that God loves us and we’re somebody. We’re God’s children.
    I thank all those who are involved in such projects. Words are powerful. I’m glad such words are reaching me especially that more commonly we hear words that are hurting.
    May God bless you.