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October 2019 Update

Henryk Król Co-Founder, President DeoLink

Warm greetings from Wisla, Poland! Life is good (and busy!) We are overwhelmed by God’s work during two Polish Outbacks, many transformed lives (see notes of participants at the end of this newsletter).

Second Outback place in Poland – Podkarpacie – is growing too!


Building a relationship…

Continually, our regular Internet outreach is being fine-tuned as hundreds of messages are exchanged with seekers every day by our e-coaches. It is so easy to get used to it, but we must always remember we are talking about individuals who are often deeply wounded, suffering and desperate as they are being led to Christ. But it is vital to stay in touch with them and point them towards discovering God’s plan for their life and becoming real disciples of Christ. And yes, we see it happen, by God’s grace!


New evangelistic online course focused on youth – Takeoff

The need for innovation

I attended a very interesting conference in Pittsburg, PA, “#TechForum 2019, Self-Disrupt, Together”. The whole idea is to stop doing things via any form of ministry that is no longer effective in our fast-changing world. Instead, we must seek out ways that are more relevant to contemporary society, tailor our approach, tools, etc. to have greater appeal to current generations. The speakers were absolute industry leaders, incl. creators of iPad, CAPTCHA, Duallingo, etc. A very stimulating time for me, indeed! Getting some ideas on how to improve what we are doing in our ministry? What to stop doing, which direction to go be become, hopefully – viral?

Outback Europe expansion

There is also a new opening for expanding our family programs, originated in the US – JH Outback in Europe, a process that is already happening, organically, but now we pray to make it intentional, sharing with the world what really works!


Daily devotionals from Bob Guss “The word for you today” available in Polish – printed, ebook and email.


How to innovate in our Radio? The Lord has entrusted us such an amazing tool with access to 600.000 people – how to make it more effective for the Kingdom in a world, where media are getting so liberal? How to take a stand wisely? Please, pray with us for an effective solution.

Next step…

Our software team is working hard on improving our systems. A new, multilingual version of Connected Giving software for donor communication was launched in September and is already implemented. Two new languages were also added to our discipleship system, GELE (Codex). They are operated by local enthusiasts. Praise the Lord!


Short video teaser of our new online platform for Donors – Connected Giving. It supports the work of EGCC ( which is to mobilize European Christians to give to evangelistic causes – now in new languages!


There is no way I could describe in this short newsletter all our staff activities, but there is a good sense of momentum, new ideas spontaneously popping out and then tested.


Friends, Thank you for your continuous friendship and involvement. We deeply appreciate it! Together, we may change the World, in the power of Holy Spirit!


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Prayer Praise & Requests

September answered prayers:

  • Incredible outcomes of two Polish Outback weekends! 20 weekends so far (recently) for 63 couples!
  • Printed pilot version of The Word for Today well received.
  • Two new platforms of Gele 3.3.1 discipleship software.
  • Completion of Connected Giving 2.0 platform.
  • Great discussions with Outback Board on the growth of the movement, also in Europe.
  • Safe travel of Henryk (US) and Darek (Finland), good meetings.

Friends, please pray

  • New stimulation for promotion and marketing of our portfolio of discipleship materials and daily readings material.
  • Gathering in Wroclaw with pastors and leaders in October, to recruit new people into e-coaching.
  • Financial needs, to enable us to expand the work.
  • Good, first Polish “The journey of Generosity” conference run by EGCC with some our involvement.
  • Production of Polish original multimedia materials for our Polish audience, to attract more young people.
  • Finding a good publisher for our book “Sure Foundation”.
  • Development of Outback in Europe.
  • Continuing asking the Lord’s help and mercy for a dear, close friend and mentor of mine, a man God used many times in my life, Phill Butler, who is suffering with cancer. His situation is still very serious.
  • More funding but also clear vision and unity for our new Malinka church building. We plan to use new rooms for a lot of our ministry activities.

Poland, September 2019 in numbers:


people starting their journey to Jesus


people growing in their faith


conversations with E-coaches

Several testimonials from Outback:

  • I’ve experienced a wonderful adventure, which was the beginning of my transformation into a better husband, father and Christian.
  • This was a time of purifying cry after many years, I felt like a child led by hand again, my relation with my husband and God were strengthened.
  • I’ve felt rolled by a roller with testimonies and talks. I’ve realized that a relationship with God makes a difference, and we really can differ from the world and bring hope to the world.
  • God opened my eyes again to focus more on my relationship with God and with my wife. We need more spontaneity and more romantic dates.
  • My wife is like a bouquet of flowers – delicate and sensitive and I should take better care of her.
  • After Outback Our adventure continue… those amazing experiences, conversations and blessed time transformed our hearts and brought us closer to our Father. We want to remain in His love and live for His glory. We want our friends to experience the same!
  • I gave up the thought of divorce and suicide.