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October 2022 Update

Henryk Król Co-Founder, President DeoLink

September is already behind us and we continue to be thrilled to see the Lord at work! Life is moving forward really fast… Yes, there are seasons of preparation, planning, and then – times of acting and harvesting… Fall is always very busy, and as the number of people involved in our ministry is growing all the time – the results are also more visible.

This is the reason, why we want to grow – to reach more people with the information that there is a good life, in close relation with our Creator, where justice, peace and fulfillment exist. But the beginning of it is total surrender at the cross. And spiritual awakening is always a warfare – this is why we are asking you to pray with us for Lord’s guidance and opening of people’s hearts.

There were two Outback weekends in September, what an amazing time, full of touching testimonies!

Just a few days ago we had a 3,000’s Ukrainian person starting our discipleship courses! Thank you, Jesus! There is quite a major fluctuation of Ukrainians living in Poland – many migrate to the Western Europe and to USA for an “easier life”.

In Lviv with our international team and Olia, our host.

Together with 3 dear friends from States and UK we went to Lviv, in Ukraine to meet some believers there. We drove from Poland – some 450 km. The old, beautiful city of Lviv looked very nice… There are signs of war in many places, still, on the streets you do not sense a tension, as the war zone is some 700 km more to the East. But the trauma is huge – many families have lost their members, hundreds of thousands have lost their homes, relocated… Still, there is no panic – after all, Russia attacked Ukraine already in 2014. As we talked with Ukrainian Christian friends, they see also many challenges of the spiritual nature. Many entrepreneurial people have left the country, looking for a better life. Yes, in war-zone people are flocking to God, but there is also a feeling of helplessness. One of young pastors told us: “I had to change completely my theology of war. God is just and He allows us to defend our families and country. There is no place for Kum-ba-ya when people are murdered.”

Visiting friends in Ukraine in Lviv.

So good to see joy in spite of all the hardship.

The situation is more serious then ever. Please, pray for God’s intervention! Mobilization of young Russians to the army, protests but also nuclear weapons being mentioned more and more often – Lord, be merciful! And on top of that energy and economic crisis reaching whole globe… It is a time for spiritual awakening! There is no better solution!

Lviv is a beautiful city!

We work all the time on launching The Chosen project on a big scale in Poland. Translation of series one is almost completed and we shall be winding out our strategic plan. A new follow-up spiritual program will be offered, with new courses written following film stories.

Our Polish The Chosen organizing team – with friends from a Catholic distribution house Rafael.

New polish website

In the meantime, the “regular” work goes on, with approximately 80 new people signing up for the online discipleship courses daily! Thank you, dear friends, for your prayers. This whole ministry has outgrown us long ago, now we just want to follow Jesus’ lead.

We treasure so much your friendship!
God bless you!


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September answered prayers:

  • Good growth of the discipleship platforms run by Polish ministry – four by now! More brands causes more traffic (!)
  • Raising interest of people in The Chosen
  • Fantastic September Outback weekends, one in the East of Poland and one in nearby H2O camp, totaling some 130 guests and 160 volunteers. Many transformed marriages!
  • Great blessing of the Ukrainian projects
  • Finally, we have received a UK Stewardship account for our ministry, so that donations could get a tax exempt status. Hallelujah!

Friends, please pray

  • Spirit of cooperation and partnership around The Chosen project, as we invite a number of organizations to be closely involved: Alpha Poland, Evangelical Poland, churches, Revival movements, etc.
  • Guidance with a huge Community Bible Studies project, that is moving forward!
  • New courses, that are in our pipeline on our e-learning platforms: in Polish, English and Ukrainian
  • Many more laborers to help with the harvest that is huge!
  • Wisdom from the Lord to know how to grow in the future
  • Resources to keep the work growing
  • Physical strength from the Lord for dear friends: Roland Hinz, Phil Butler, Mike MacIntosh, Peter Bye, who are so much a part of our ministry over many years

September 2022 in numbers:

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Testimonies from Miracle Every Day

A daily email of encouragement written by my wife Bogusia

“Miracles Every Day” penetrates the depths of my heart, changing it for the better.

Thanks to the “Miracles Every Day”, I experience each new day better, more intensely and under God’s protection. It is easier for me to endure the adversities that I have. I still see God’s hand in all of this guiding me.

Miracles Every Day is something amazing, blessed by God Himself! Meditations hit my current problem very often and very often there are answers to my questions to God. I bless in Jesus name this service and everyone involved! Thank God!

It was very hard in my life. Every day I fell asleep anxiously and woke up the same way. I was afraid of the next day. I stopped talking to people, I didn’t leave the house. Anxiety has taken over my life. Every evening I prayed for the strength that God would allow me to survive. “Miracles Every Day” is my morning prayer. Reading them every morning makes me feel lighter, they lift my spirits, overwhelming fears disappear, I stopped being afraid. The weight I felt in my heart was gone too. There is a feeling of “lightness”, hope. I stopped worrying about tomorrow. I learned to enjoy “today”, every moment. Thanks to “Miracles Every Day” I feel stronger, full of hope and faith in God’s help.