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September 2021 Update

Henryk Król Co-Founder, President DeoLink

Ah well, the traditional vacation season is over and we are very thankful for a slightly slower pace of work, it has provided a chance to reflect on where we want to go!

Led by our development coach, (Zach Clark) we have assessed the impact achieved (by God’s grace) in 2014 – 2020.

Summing up the verified numbers (using external evaluation tools and agencies) we were moved by how good God has been!  The whole DEOrecordings ministry has long since far outstripped what we might have expected from our own abilities.

  • The first step of our all-embracing process of introducing people to Jesus is ACCESS – an initial contact by radio, Internet, bookmarks and leaflets reaped a harvest ofAs we observe a backturn of many from Christianity, such a record is a real miracle!4.5 million Polish people! Their “involvement” was small, but noticeable.
  • The second step – KNOW – is sharing the good news about Jesus’ plan for every individual. It is “clicking” the button of being interested in salvation, buying records or DVDs, signing up to one of the many courses we offer, etc. Just an “easy” involvement! The initial response was 630.000 people!!!
  • The third step, GROW, aiming at more real involvement, finishing discipleship courses, joining a small group on-line or off-line, attending one of our conferences, using daily devotions, joining as a member of a fellowship or church recruited 55.000 Poles!
  • The fourth step is “SHARE” – equipping believers for multiplication. Joining as a volunteer, e-coach, Outback volunteer, small group leader, training others, leading in their own fellowships, etc. enlisted around 1.300 people!

As we observe around a back turn of many from faith, such a record is a real miracle! Well, we are aware that we are just one link in the chain of the process ordained by the Lord in the life of every interested individual. There are many influences abroad. This is why we do not “claim” it is by us!  But are thankful, that the efforts of hundreds of people involved, including you, friends, as a prayer warrior is not in vain!


“Woman’s breakfast” – YES – this year live!


As always our band “Cześć” was accompanying and brought a lot of joy!


E-coach conference

We just finished our annual e-coach conference titled “Together further”. Once again it was wonderful! Some 130 people attended in person while others were on-line. Unity, passion and direct goals – to DOUBLE the outcomes and impact! A special Lord’s “smile” to us was when one young man, Peter, a drug addict, alcoholic, totally lost, who came to the conference “by accident”, from Nick Vujicic responders listing. He was so touched, that he has given his life to Jesus, on the spot! What a joy!

As our strategy works so well, why not extend it even more? What a challenge! But we do have people, plans, objectives, and we want to focus on our leader the Lord Jesus Christ! We pray for major financial resources that a re needed to trigger it!


This year we’ve had more time to talk in small groups and build relationships.



Family news

More good news. Our youngest son, Szczepan with his family has returned to Poland after 7 years spent in Austria! His primary goal is to help our ministry grow. He is a serious specialist in IT, who was instrumental in launching our main digital discipleship tool GELE – so we are thrilled! Not to mention, that having whole family nearby is a great joy!


Friends, we deeply appreciate your Friendship! Together, we may change the World, in the power of Holy Spirit!



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Prayer Praise & Requests

April answered prayers:

  • Great e-coach conference! Wonderful spirit of unity and direction!
  • Yes, we have just printed before the conference, in Polish, two books: Decade to decade by Bobb Biehl and Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden
  • Our new church building in Malinka is to be opened Sept. 5, 2021 – after several years of construction!
  • Good season of rest for most staff.
  • God’s provision to sustain our ministry.
  • Great “Woman Breakfast” gathering hundreds of ladies early July.

Friends, please pray

  • New energy and passion as we approach two Outback family weekends in September
  • Possibility to travel to the US, when the borders open.
  • Our development plan and very ambitious goals require lots of money! We pray that the Lord will open the hearts of many people who will be able and willing to help us reach the next level – doubling our outcomes and impact!
  • Better business for our Radio CCM work, businesses starting to advertise again. Many new connections coming to the “intermediate” web page
  • Continuing asking the Lord’s help and mercy for a dear, close friend and mentor of mine, a man God used many times in my life, Phill Butler, who is suffering with cancer. Please, keep on praying.
  • New courses that are in production, to meet current needs of different segments of our audience.
  • Special blessing for our nearby new church building, where we could organize number of training events, not mentioning even congregation activities – a real spiritual awakening in Malinka!

Poland, August 2021 in numbers:


people starting their journey to Jesus


people growing in their faith


conversations with E-coaches

Is there anything that God encouraged you to do through the “Further Together” conference?

  • “To quit addictions and become a Christian”.
  • “To go deeper into the topic of discipleship”.
  • “To get more involved and encourage others”.
  • “Do not focus on what separates us, but what unites us”.
  • “Keep going with constant passion”.
  • “To deny myself – every day”.
  • “To start a small group”.
  • “He revived the fire in my heart”.
  • “He stimulated me to cultivate unity”.
  • “I felt the love of Christ’s family”.
  • “I want to be more useful in serving God”.